Highly Efficient and More Reliable Heating and Cooling System than STADT ducted heating Systems

    Having a heating and a cooling system installed in the house is necessary for every person. Gone are those days when people used to have a separate system of heating and a separate one for cooling and that too for only one room. STADT ducted heating systems provide both heating and cooling for the entire home. It will not only help your heat or cool your entire home at once, but it will also help you save money as you will only be running one system for the whole house.

    However, what if we provide you with an even better system that will help you save even more money while working efficiently for years to come. At Energy Tech Electronics, we provide Fresh Air System that will help you save more money on energy bills. The main goal of our company is to provide your house with fresh air while heating and cooling it.

    So the question is how it will save you more money than STADT ducted heating systems. Here is how it will do that for you. While exhausting the stale air from your building, it recovers 80 percent of the energy, which is then transferred to the fresh air entering the building. This process does not need the heat pump to run too often as the temperature can be maintained at a comfortable level for a long time, which helps you save money.

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