Install Fresh Air System Rather Than a Split Central Air Conditioner to Save Money on Energy Bills

    Heating and cooling are necessary for every homeowner. No one wants to spend their nights in a cold room during and winters and days in a hot room during summer. There are many systems available in the market that can provide heating in winter and cooling during summer, and split heat pump is one of them. However, with the technology improving day by day, the split system is not the ideal one you should install in your house as they consume a lot of power because of two units.

    Energy Tech Electronics, one of the leading companies in the market, offers a reliable single unit compact system that consumes far less power compared to these split systems. Normally split systems are used to cool or heat a single room. If you want heating or cooling for your entire house, you need to install a separate system for each room. It cost you a lot of money in the form of bills. Whereas, our Fresh Air System, comes is centrally ducted heating and cooling unit that warm or cool a maximum of 110m² of floor space per zone. Hence, you can rest assured to save money on bills.

    There is a split central air conditioner also available in the market, but it still consumes more power because of the two split units. Moreover, our system is equipped with energy recovery technology that is ideal for reducing bills.

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