A better Air to Air Heat Pump unlike SPANET Heat Pump, Which Only Heats Water

    When you are looking for a water heater, SPANET heat pump is a good choice for you to go for. But when it comes to heating your house, Fresh Air System offered by Energy Tech Electronics is the right choice for you to make. Although there are several companies available in the market offering heat pumps and claiming to be the best, our heat pump is second to none. Energy Tech Electronics has developed the system to set a whole new level in building climate control comfort.

    At Energy Tech Electronics, our ultimate goal is to keep your entire house clean and hygienic. To achieve this goal, we have developed a system that is reliable as well as efficient. It comes in a compact single unit design that can be mounted in your attic, so you do need extra space to install the unit. It works by removing the stale air from the entire house through ductwork. The energy is recovered from the stale air on its way out.

    The system then brings in fresh air from the outside, which is filtered through a HEPA filtration system that consists of F7, G4, and H10 filters, to remove the pollutants and dust. The air is then precooled or preheated by transferring the recovered energy, and then heat pump further cools or heats it before distributing throughout the house.

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