Install Our Fresh Air System Rather Than SOLATUBE Whole House Fan to Cool and Heat Your Home Along with Ventilation

    Having a proper ventilation system is essential for every person nowadays. Most of the houses, in this modern age, have been installed with heat insulation and air crossing in such homes is poor. Because of the poor air crossing, the air inside the house gets damp and leads to mould growth and illness to the occupants. A ventilation system helps in controlling the moisture inside the house by removing stale air and bringing in fresh air from the outside. SOLATUBE whole house fan is one of the popular choice people make for the ventilation of their home.

    How about if you get an extra feature of heating and cooling your home with ventilation? Wouldn’t that be great? Energy Tech Electronics, one of the leading companies in the market, offers high-quality and efficient Fresh Air System that provides heating and cooling for your entire house while ventilating it.

    It removes damp air from the house and replaces it with the fresh air from the outside. However, unlike SOLATUBE whole house fan, it cools and heats the house as well. On its way in, the fresh air is heated or cooled, according to your requirement, to meet the temperature set by you. After that, it is distributed throughout the house. While doing this job, the machine only draws a maximum of 6.7Amps which is only 1500 Watts for the entire home.

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