Energy Tech Electronics Offer Passive Ventilation System for Your Convenience

    Passive house ventilation is one of the most popular way to ventilate the entire house. Energy Tech Electronics offers the system that ventilates the house using passive ventilation technique. It draws the air in the house and distributes evenly in the home. Passive ventilation works on the principle of extracting humid, moist, and polluted air via upright channels that open into attics, where the air is released in the outer space. The vents carrying clean air are designed in a way to evenly distribute the air throughout the house. Our system also includes 4 powerful yet quiet fans that can be controlled with a touch screen controller.

    Our passive house ventilation system comes with the energy recovery technology, which means a reduced load on your energy bills. Moreover, it helps in decreasing the contaminated gases that harm the surroundings and your health. This energy-efficient appliance is available at very low rates and they need no working expenditure. Energy Tech Electronics has the system for your homes and buildings that will only require the cleansing of filters. These vents are installed where the outer temperatures differ from the inner one. It can function equally well when mounted in humid places like bathroom and a kitchen. We care for our customers therefore we have products that best suit your interest and area. Our ventilation system can improve the day-to-day lifestyle and work cost-effectively.


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