Energy Tech Electronics Offer Economical Passive House ERV and HRV Systems for Your Home

    Ventilation has always been a major concern for buildings with less or no windows or doors. Passive house ERV provides home with a proper system of ventilation by extracting stale air out and letting fresh air in. This is designed to separate distinct types of air present in your home. Additionally, these devices can heat the rooms by capturing warm air in winter present.  The procedure is followed by mixing up humid or moist air with the fresh air, which is then allowed to transfer in the inner space of the apartment after going through the process of filtration. Energy Tech Electronics offers customized system according to your house at very economical rates.

    Passive house HRS is another type of mechanical ventilation offered by our system. It gives a healthy indoor environment by introducing pure air and functioning to heat the space. The filtered air is distributed equally in all parts of the home. Keeping in view the comfort level of our customers, we introduce these systems with less occupying space for heating and cooling requirements. Choices of ventilation, heating, and cooling can be availed from passive house HRS and ERV. They improve the living experience by saving additional expenditures on energy bills and offering minimal noise transmission.

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