Energy Tech Electronics Provides Best System for Passive Air Ventilation

    Passive air ventilation is a new method of replacing polluted air with fresh through non-mechanical means. It is fixed with doors, windows, and vents to provide you a healthy climate. The size of the pipes or ducts determines the air to enter your home. It works in both winters and summers by letting in the cold or warm filtered air via the outer pipes. This is best done when the air has indistinct and continuous ways to pass by your house. Moreover, it is distributed equally everywhere inside the building. All you have to do is run the unit so that the air can easily circulate within the apartment.

    Energy Tech Electronics has one of the best passive air ventilation systems. An appropriate choice for installing the structure depends on the climate and weather of the area you are residing in. For kitchens and bathrooms, it requires more time for aeration. For effective passive air ventilation, a house must be aerated for a minimum of 4 hours. You may think running for 4 hours, the system might consume a lot of power. Our system comes with the energy recovery technology that reduces the consumption of power. Running at a full fan speed in peak summer, it runs at only 1500 amp per hour.

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