Efficient Fresh Air System for Heating, Cooling, and Ventilating Your Home unlike Omega Ducted Heating

    Who does not want to have reduced energy bills while enjoying the comfort of heating throughout their house? Heating is the basic need for every person. With fulfilling this need, would you like to have a system that can heat your home in winter and cool it in summer while ventilating the entire house? If yes, then Omega ducted heating system is not an option for you. Energy Tech Electronics, one of the most trusted companies in Australia, offers Fresh Air System that will not only heat your building but it also helps in cooling and ventilating.

    Ventilation does not mean that it will have to work extra to keep up with the required temperature. It comes with an efficient energy recovery technology that recovers 80% of the energy from the stale air being exhausted out and transfers it to the fresh air. This process maintains the temperature for hours at a comfortable level.

    Moreover, our Fresh Air System is equipped with an F7 activated carbon filter to clean the air coming from the outside. The fresh air supplied from the outside goes through 2 filters (G4 & H10) to ensure that you get the cool, clean and hygienic atmosphere in your house. So, why purchase the Omega ducted heating system when you have a better option available for you and that too at an affordable price.

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