Energy Tech Electronics Provide the Finest MVHR Unit of Your Choice

    Heat recovery ventilation or MVHR unit is an arrangement that helps to ventilate your home. The device gives fresh and healthy air by reducing energy loss and sustains the quality it is providing. This controlled aeration is done by drawing out contaminated and deadly air from your house. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery works in both ways by cooling or warming the temperature. When the temperature is cold outside during winter, then it will heat the home, and when it is warm outdoor during summer, it will cool the space.

    Energy Tech Electronics offers an MVHR unit that is highly efficient, and it can best suit your building. It is extremely effective in working and requires an early decision to install in the house. The heating or cooling is supplied via several ducts opening into various rooms. The device can be mounted in homes and public places, which are comparatively hotter and need regular aeration. The system takes the air from inner space, exhausts it out and replaces it with the fresh air from outside. This system can assist you with the desired temperature by introducing a control feature and also ensures your health maintenance and comfort level.


    If you have any queries regarding our MVHR unit and its installation, you can call us at Tel: 0421 798 594. We also receive your questions via emails at Our team will help you in selecting the best system for your home.