Energy Tech Electronics Provides Reliable and the Most Energy Efficient Heat Pump at an Affordable Price.

    Having a heat pump installed in their residential property has become a necessity for every person. Gone are those days when people used to have separate systems for heating and cooling their homes. A heat pump can warm your house in winter and cool it during summer without the need of changing any pipes. If you are on a lookout for a reliable heat pump, you have come to the right place. Energy Tech Electronics, one of the most trusted companies in the market, provides the most efficient heat pump at an affordable price. Our system can provide you with optimum performance for years to come.

    Our highly efficient system comes with four high-velocity fans to create powerful yet quiet airflow steam. The speed of these fans can be adjusted according to your requirement through the touch screen controller. There are fan speed to select, and even if you have selected the high speed, it will only draw 1500 watts to distribute the air throughout your house. Thus, you can rest assured that you have the most energy efficient heat pump installed in your property.

    It also features energy recovery technology that is 80% efficient to recover energy from the stale air going out and transferring it to the fresh air coming in. Thus, you can rest assured to save money on bills.

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