Looking For Something More than Hydronic Home Heating System Efficiency? We Have Got You Covered!

    When it comes to heating the entire house, there are not many systems available in the market to serve you in this regard. Most of the systems available in the market are split systems that can only heat one room at a time. However, Energy Tech Electronics, one of the leading companies in the market, offers a reliable heating system to warm up your entire house. The system we provide offers more than hydronic heating efficiency.

    The Hydronic home heating system can only provide you with heating. Whereas, when it comes to our highly efficient unit, it can provide you with cooling and ventilation as well. Fresh air is brought in directly from the outside (not from your roof space). While ventilating, it brings in the fresh air while exhausting the damp and contaminated air from the house. It comes with the energy recovery technology to ensure that minimal energy is lost while changing the air.

    The fresh air goes through three stages of filtration (G4, F7 and H10 filters). The filtered air passes through a heat exchanger where recovered energy is transferred into it, then a condenser for further heating or cooling. From there it is forced into each room of the house through ductwork. Thus, when you require efficient heating and cooling with ventilation, our system is the best choice to make rather than a hydronic system.

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