Energy Tech Electronics Offers Highly Efficient Fresh Air System Better than Any Hydronic HVAC

    Heating and cooling the home is one of the major needs of a homeowner. Hydronic HVAC is one of the popular heating and cooling systems in the market. You can get this HVAC installed in your house, but as far as efficiency is concerned, these systems a not as efficient as Fresh Air System offered by Energy Tech Electronics. At Energy Tech, we provide highly efficient and durable heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Being one of the leading companies in Australia, we strive to provide our customers with the optimum products. The system we provide is designed by highly qualified and skilled technicians; thus, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

    Our system will not only cool or heat your house, but also help in ventilating the entire home according to your requirement. The FAS is a centrally ducted low wattage system that features a high-efficiency heat pump, integrated energy recovery system and HEPA filtration. So it’s able to control humidity, temperature and oxygen levels inside the building.

    It comes with an intelligent touch screen controller to monitor indoor air quality. It helps you monitor Indoor Temperature, Humidity Percentage, CO₂ (Oxygen) PPM, CH₂O (Atmospheric Toxicity levels) UG/m3, and PM2.5 (Atmospheric Particulate Matter or Air Pollution) UG/m3. Thus, if you are heating and cooling with ventilation for your home, our fresh air system is a better choice than a hydronic pump.

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