Energy Tech Electronics Provides High-Quality and Reliable System for HRV for Housing to Reduce Your Energy Bills

    In the modern age, heat insulation is installed in almost all the houses. Due to the insulation installed air does not go out and becomes damp due to humidity in the house. This damp air can lead to mould growth and several diseases in the occupants. To address this issue, you need to install a ventilation system that will not only remove the stale air from your house but also bring in the fresh air from the outside to ensure a healthy environment. At Energy Tech Electronics, we provide a high-quality and reliable system for HRV for housing. It recovers the heat energy from the stale air and transfers it to the fresh air.

    The Energy Tech Electronics Fresh Air System is a new innovative 6KW centrally ducted heat pump system that only draws 1.15KW per hour. It features a high-efficiency heat pump, integrated energy recovery system, and HEPA filtration, all integrated into one compact machine with no external compressors. The energy recovery system is 80% efficient; thus, you can rest assured to save a lot of money on energy bills.

    The fresh air supplied from the outside goes through HEPA filtration system consisting of 3 filters (F7, G4, & F7) to ensure that the air brought in is clean and hygienic.

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