Reliable House Ventilation System to Provide Your Home with Fresh Air from the Outside While Removing the Stale Air

    Because of the heat insulation installed in almost every building, nowadays, heat loss is minimum, and it is a lot easier to heat the building. However, because of this insulation installed, there is no air crossing which makes the quality of air inside the building poor with less oxygen and overall comfort level inside these buildings is much poorer nowadays. If you are facing such an issue and want to get rid of it, do not fret! Energy Tech Electronics has got you covered. We offer reliable house ventilation system that will provide your home with fresh air from the outside while removing the stale air.

    You may think what the point of installing insulation is as the heat energy will be lost because of the air crossing. The system we provide at Energy Tech Electronics comes with an energy recovery technology that will recover the energy from the air going out and transfer it to the fresh air coming from the outside. Our system recovers around 80% of the energy to maintain the temperature inside.

    At Energy Tech Electronics, our aim is to provide you with house ventilation while keeping the atmosphere clean and hygienic. Our system is equipped with G4, F7, and HEPA filters to assure that you get a clean environment in your house even during heavy pollution.

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