Energy Tech Electronics Offers Reliable and Efficient HVAC System at an Affordable Heat Pump Cost

    Heating and cooling are essential for every person. If you want to spend your nights in a comfortable environment, having an HVAC system installed in your house is the right option for you. If you ware on a lookout for a reliable system, do not fret! Energy Tech Electronics, one of the leading companies in the market, has got you covered. We provide a reliable and efficient system at an affordable heat pump cost.

    Our highly efficient and reliable system comes with an intelligent touch screen controller to monitor indoor air quality. Things you can monitor via the touch screen controller are; Indoor Temperature, Humidity Percentage, CO₂ (Oxygen) PPM, CH₂O (Atmospheric Toxicity levels) UG/m3, and PM2.5 (Atmospheric Particulate Matter or Air Pollution) UG/m3.

    With this touch controller, you can select the temperature you require and also the desired fan speeds. The system will the cool or heat the fresh air coming in the building to meet the required temperature. If set on automatic, the energy recovery system will favourably maintain the natural building indoor temperature. The ventilation system will continue to run 24/7 even when the target temperatures have been reached.

    Moreover, the system we provide is reliable and long-lasting. Thus, you won’t be needing heat pump replacement too often.

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