High-Quality and Reliable Heat Pump for Heating and Cooling at an Affordable Price with High Efficiency

    Do you have a separate system for cooling during summer and a separate one for heating during winter? Do you want a single system that can do both? Do not fret! Energy Tech Electronics has got you covered. We provide high-quality and reliable heat pump for heating and cooling at an affordable price.

    The systems available in the market recycle the internal stale air, which unhygienic and it will cause illness in occupants as well as mould growth in the area. Whereas, our system draws the stale air out and brings in fresh air from the outside. It comes with an efficient heat exchanger that recovers energy from the stale air going out. The energy recovery process is 80% efficient.

    The fresh air coming from the outside is precooled or preheated, according to your requirement, by transferring the recovered energy. After that, the heat pump further cools or heats the air to meet the required temperature and then the air is distributed throughout the house using ductwork. The fresh air supplied from the outside also gets filtered through three-stage HEPA filtration to ensure that you get a clean and hygienic environment in your house.

    Thus, if you require heat pump heating or cooling, do not go any further than Energy Tech Electronics to get the most reliable yet reasonably priced system.

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