Highly Efficient and Steadfast Heat Pump AC That Can Provide both Heating and Cooling to Your Entire House

    Heating or cooling a house has never been so easy before. In the past, people used to have two different systems, one for cooling and one for heating the place. Moreover, the system could only provide heat or cooling to a single room. However, in the modern age of technology, Energy Tech Electronics is here to provide you with a simple yet efficient solution for all your needs. We offer heat pump AC that can provide both heating and cooling to your entire house.

    With our system installed in your house, you do not need to install a separate air conditioner for every room. Not just that, but the system we provide comes in a single compact design, unlike the split system that has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, which takes a lot of space. We provide a new innovative, centrally ducted system that comes with energy recovery technology and draws only 1.15KW per hour. It removes internal stale air and brings in fresh air from the outside. Energy recovered from the air going out is transferred to the fresh air to keep the temperature constant.

    Our heat pump system comes with a filtration system that includes G4 filter, F7 filter, and H10 filter which eliminates dust and all other pollutants from the air coming from outside to provide you with clean and hygienic air.

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