Energy Tech Electronics Provides Premium Quality Centrally Ducted Fresh Air System that is better than Haier Heat Pump

    In the past, people did not have the opportunity to have a system that could provide both heating and cooling for their entire home. They used to have separate systems for heating and cooling for hot and cold weather conditions. With the improved technology, Haier heat pump has made it easy for people out there to have a single system for both winter and summer. However, the air conditioner provided by Haier can only heat or cool a single room, and you need to have an individual system for each room.

    In the modern age of technology, having an individual system for every room is outdated, and it can prove to be expensive. Thus, to cut down the energy bills and provide you with a more efficient and reliable performance, Energy Tech Electronics provides premium quality centrally ducted Fresh Air System. This machine can cool or heat all the rooms at the same time helping you save money.

    Our Fresh Air System is suitable for modern homes, buildings, off-grid and passive housing. A single machine, mounted in the attic, is able to heat & cool up to a maximum of 110m2 of floor space (per zone) through ducts. So why go for Haier heat pump when you can save a lot of money by installing FAS offered by Energy Tech Electronics.

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