Energy Tech Electronics Offers Premium Quality Unit That Can Help You in Flat Roof Ventilation

    When it comes to a flat roof, there are a lot of problems one could face. First of all, if you have constructed a flat roof for your house, the elements are very close to each other because of no or little space between the roof and the ceiling. Due to this enclosed space, it gets extremely hot in summer and cold in winter, making it less efficient for energy. However, you do not have to worry anymore. Energy Tech Electronics offers a premium quality unit that can help you in flat roof ventilation.

    During rainy days, the air in the attic gets musty and damp that damages the ceiling as well as the roof. In such a condition, ventilating the roof space is necessary, otherwise, it can lead to bigger damages. Our Fresh Air System brings in dry fresh air from the outside and exhausts out the stale air through the flat ventilation ducting system. Not just that, but during extreme weathers, when your roof becomes too cold or too hot, it also helps in warming and cooling the place up.

    The FAS mechanically pre-cools or pre-heats the freshly filtered incoming air with the energy recovered from the stale air being extracted from inside the building. The air is then further heated or cooled to meet your temperature requirements.

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