Energy Tech Electronics Offers Reliable Fan Ventilation System at an Affordable Price for Heating Ventilation

    Ventilation is one of the necessary things for modern insulated houses. The air crossing in modern homes is poor, and it causes dampness and mould growth. Thus, you should install a ventilation system in your house and ensure that it is reliable. Energy Tech Electronics, the most trusted company in Australia, offers high-quality and efficient fan ventilation system that can provide fresh air to your entire house.

    With ventilation, our system also provides energy-efficient heating during winters. With heating ventilation, it moves out the stales air from your house and recovers 80% of the heat energy. Then it brings in fresh air from the outside and transfers the heat energy, and that air is distributed throughout the house using fans. It features 4 x high-velocity low wattage fans which all multiply and work with each other based on the venturi effect, which creates a very powerful yet quiet airflow stream.

    There are three user-selectable fan speeds, and you can also set an automatic mode. When automatic mode, it can move a massive 300 to 700cm³ per hour. With this impressive performance, you may think it will draw a lot of power. The fresh air system offered by Energy Tech Electronics only draws 6.7 Amps that is only 1500 watts with fans running at maximum speed.

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