Energy Tech Electronics Offers Reliable and Highly Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator at an Affordable Price

    With improving building standards, buildings are now being constructed with improved insulation and airtightness. Having an airtight and insulated building is great, as these buildings are much easier to heat and cool with minimal energy loss. However, in such buildings, oxygen level becomes low because of no air crossing that means a poor comfort level and unhygienic place due to humidity in the air. To counter this problem, Energy Tech Electronics offers reliable energy recovery ventilator that removes stale air from the house and brings in fresh air while recovering energy.

    There are many ventilation systems available in the market. However, the fresh air system we offer here at Energy Tech Electronics is the best among them because of its compact-sized and highly effective energy recovery process that is 80% efficient. The energy is recovered from the stale air going out and then transferred to the fresh air coming in. It is then further heated or cooled to meet the internal temperature.

    Our energy recovery unit helps you save a lot of money by reducing your electricity bills as it only draws 1.15KW per hour. So why go to any other company when you can get the best system from Energy Tech Electronics and that too without putting any burden on your pocket.

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