Energy Tech Electronics Provides an Energy Efficient Heat Pump at Low Power Consumption Rate

    Selecting a cooling and heating system for home, office, or apartment is not an easy task to do. Energy Tech Electronics provides a centrally ducted energy efficient heat pump that controls humidity and allows heating, cooling and ventilation. This amazing product consumes very less power up to 1.3 kW per hour, which makes it a good choice. The system provides fresh air at normal temperature by filtrating Carbon dioxide and dust particles. To make it more advance, no outdoor unit is attached to the system so that it can be fitted in the ceilings of single-storey houses.

    This efficient heat pump functions uniquely. The modern system can recognize the desired temperature and provide with fresh air that is cooled or heated according to your requirement. It can also be useful for Off-Grid buildings. Incoming air is precooled by transferring the energy recovered from the exhausted air. It operates differently in diverse weathers. For instance, in a cold climate, the temperature should be set according to heat loss or gain target. Whereas in summer, the thermostat must be set between 23-24 degree Celsius for living areas and 25-26 degree for bedrooms.

    Energy efficient heat pump installed in Fresh Air System extracts moist, humid and unhealthy air and brings the fresh air from outside after going through a cycle.

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