Energy Tech Electronics Offers Reliable Ducted Heat Transfer System at an Affordable Price

    Every person wants to keep his home warm while not having to pay huge energy bills. If you want the same, ducted heat pump is the right choice for you. It is more energy-efficient compared to the split systems where you have installed a separate one for each room. Having a separate one for every room can cost you huge energy bills. If you want a ducted heating system to be installed in your house, you have come to the right place. Energy Tech Electronics, the top company in this business, offers reliable systems at an affordable price.

    Our heat pump can provide heating to your entire home, keeping the energy cost to the minimum. Equipped with the energy recovery feature, our ducted heat transfer system drains out the stale air from the house and recovers the heat energy from it. At the same time, it sucks fresh air from the outside through the fan. The fresh air is then passed through the three-stage HEPA filtration that removes the pollutant in it. After that, the air passes through the heat exchanger where the system transfers the heat energy to the fresh air, which is then thrown into the house through a fan. The speed of the fan can be adjusted through the touch screen controller that comes with the system. This process keeps the temperature constant for hours, saving you more money.

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