Tech Electronics Offer Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning in Affordable Range

    Nowadays, the newest way of cooling your home is through ducted evaporative air conditioning. It is considered as an elite choice that functions differently from others and incorporates unique features. Energy Tech Electronics provide a reliable system with these features. Our system has a cooling device attached to it which is in the attic. The fan draws stale air and brings in fresh air from outside which is then precooled by a heat exchanger through the energy recovered from the stale air. Heat pump responsible for further cooling the air which is then pumped inside the apartment.

    Ducted evaporative air conditioning is very low on cost. The device can reduce the cost up to 80 percent still providing you a normal temperature. For many people, the system is no less than a blessing as it emits no gasses and uses less energy, further lowering your bills. Its evaporative feature purifies air which is best to inhale by the patients with respiratory disorders.

    If your home is located in a humid place, it will work fine because of it ventilation features and filtration system. Energy Tech Electronics introduces the latest designs with the finest features and components, to give an enhanced experience of the lifestyle. The system initially costs a bit higher but will leave you with forever comfort and low cost in the wrong run.

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