Energy Tech Electronics Offers Duct Heat Exchanger at Reasonable Price

    During cold temperatures, it is very difficult to warm the home or building at once with one appliance. The ducted air system offered by Energy Tech Electronics has made the choice easier as it performs the function of heating with a single unit. It is made up of a heater and several connecting ducts that can be installed in the ceiling or the walls. The duct heat exchanger uses heat recovery technology to maintain the temperature and heat pump to further heat or cool the rooms or apartments.

    It allows cool air to pass through air vent, and through the process of combustion blows the warm air out. The fan motor mounted in the system forces the air to come out of the ducts opening into each room. The number of vents linked to a central duct distributes heat or cooling equally depending on the extent of the house. Energy Tech Electronics has met the demands of its customers by introducing efficient, low-cost, and effective duct heat exchanger.

    It does not only make the temperature bearable but also reduces the running costs by up to 30%. In some cities and countries, ducted air system is considered as a premium choice to install in buildings. Its commendable features provide heating solutions at an economical price. Moreover, the updated technology has made the lives easier and much more reliable and Energy Tech Electronics is no less in upgrading them.

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