Energy Tech Electronics Provides High-Quality and Reliable Heat Pump Better than Bunnings Heat Pumps

    Bunnings heat pumps are popular among the residents of Australia nowadays. It is because of the efficiency they provide in heating or cooling the house. However, what if we tell you that we have an even more efficient system than that? At Energy Tech Electronics, we provide high-quality and reliable heat pump and that too at a reasonable price so that you can heat or cool your entire house with worrying about your budget.

    When it comes to heating or cooling, Bunnings offers split systems and standalone heaters that are not compatible with modern technology. These systems can only heat or cool a single room, and for the entire house, you need to install separate systems for each room. Moreover, Bunnings heat pumps consume more power compared to the system we offer here at Energy Tech Electronics.

    Our highly efficient fresh air system comes in a single box compact design with no outdoor unit that can be mounted in your attic. Running maximum fan speeds maintaining 23 degrees in the middle of summer the machine only draws 6.7Amps which is only 1500 Watts cooling this entire home. Thus, with our system installed in your house, you can rest assured to save a lot of money on electric bills.

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