Possess the Integrated Braemar add on Cooling Systems

    Braemar air conditioners are reliable and economical, whether you’re looking for a cool home or commercial environment. Its ducted gas heating can be easily combined with integrated cooling air conditioning to provide comfortable temperatures throughout the year. An add on cooling system is an air conditioner that provides filtered cool air through the same ducts as your heating system using the fan in your heating unit to distribute the air. This system together with gas heating creates the perfect climate inside the environment regardless of the weather conditions outside your premises. When you need to implement a quality Braemar add on cooling system, we Energy Tech electronics are the only name throughout the Australia that is always taken on top. We are the most professional and diligent resource that never compromises on quality and always strives to deliver the best results as expectations.

    Add-on cooling systems utilize present ducted gas heating ductwork and grilles and consist of an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and one controller for heating and cooling. This system is a remarkable product that assists in regulating the desired temperature throughout the years. Whether you need to have a cooling or a Braemar heating system in your property, we are the only solution that can make remarkable implementations according to your ambitions.

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