Energy Tech Electronics Offers Steadfast and Efficient Air To Air Heat Exchanger and Heat Pump

    Every person wants to save money from wherever they can. When it comes to heating or cooling the house, it cost a lot of money because the heaters available in the market draw high power that results in huge bills. However, now you do not have to worry about huge bills because Energy Tech Electronics is here to help you in this regard. We provide steadfast and efficient air to air heat exchanger that provides energy efficient heating and cooling.

    How It Works:

    Our ultimate goal is to keep the temperature of your house constant while keeping it clean and hygienic. The efficient fresh air system provided by Energy Tech Electronics draws stale and unhygienic air from inside the house and brings in fresh filtered air from outside. The air heat exchanger recovers heat energy from the air being extracted out and then transfers that heat energy to the incoming fresh air after it is filtered through three stage HEPA filtration.

    You can set the temperature you want to maintain in the area. If the temperature you have set is higher or lower, then air to air heat pump will warm or cool the incoming air further. Once the temperature is met, the heat pump will turn off, and the system will withdraw less energy to save bills.

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