Premium Quality System yet an Affordable Air Heat Pump Cost with Guaranteed Durability

    In the modern age, the heat pump has become a necessity in a house. Gone are those days when people used to have heating panels to keep their rooms warm and that too separate for every room. Energy Tech Electronics provides premium quality efficient air heat pump that is enough for your whole house. It can heat up to a 110m² of floor space while providing fresh air to your home.

    As the modern houses are built airtight and inside air of the house becomes damp after some time. This air can cause illness to people living in there and also causes mould growth. To avoid such thing, we provide fresh air system integrated with innovative heat pump technology that removes stale air from the house, provides filtered fresh air from outside, and also warms the area according to your requirement.

    Moreover, to keep the air entering your home healthy and hygienic, the system filters it using three stage HEPA filtration process and then preheats or precools that incoming filtered air. It comes with a touch screen controller with which you can set the indoor temperature, fans speed, cooling or heating mode, etc.

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