Energy Tech Electronics Offers Customized Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers Based on the Nature of Application

    Air-cooled heat exchangers have low maintenance costs that can be of best use when the temperature outside is more than 20 degrees. It has a mechanical driver and a power transmitter that blows a fan and helps to move the air. Most power stations have installed air condenser that works on the same model. ACHE comprises tubes that can cool a house without any hassle. The product is useful for oil and gas refineries where it can be used to protect a corrosive environment. Energy Tech Electronics has introduced this product for a better and enhanced experience at the industrial level.

    Horizontal finned-tube bundles allow air blows which are cooled by fans. Tubes are usually made of carbon steel, aluminium, brass, or any alloy. Zinc bands at tube supporters are commonly used but for better manufacturing results, aluminium is applied. Air-cooled heat exchangers also come in extruded fins which are helpful in coastal and offshore areas.  Rounded or eased fan rings have also aided the heat process system. They improve the air to distribute equally and prevents fan brake horsepower. Energy Tech Company has this product with a distinct variety of fins that are reliable and applicable for every industry chiefly chemical, cement, power, pharmaceutical, steel, real state, and others.

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